A Stack of Words

A Stack of Words

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The idea for A Stack of Words came to me a few years ago. The name itself derives from the colloquialism, “A picture is worth a thousand words,” which I’ve slightly subverted by concluding that a thousands is worth one picture. I’m a painter and horrible, but passionate, photographer so I draw a lot of inspiration from static imagery and appreciate the importance of visual media. Use my words to paint pictures so you can see where I’m coming from. That was a terrible pun. I hate puns so don’t hold that lapse against me.

The word “stack” is a popular AAVE word that means a grand, or one thousand dollars.

Essentially, the picture I’m painting with my words are worth a thousand dollars.

I’m clever.

Within the stacks of words you’ll find sights, sounds, taste, and touch. I’m not sure how to write about smells but that’s honestly my weakest sense. Sight will incorporate my artwork, photography, and other things I find visually interesting. Sound will explore music and give retroactive reviews for some of my favorite songs, artists, and albums. I create playlist for Spotify that I will include under that category. With Taste I will review restaurants, give recipes for food and cocktails, and offer my opinions of food in general. Heads up. I despise the existence of sugar cookies and sour cream. Touch will cover the topic of sex and relationships. Everything else will be included categorized because I’m known to write aimlessly about whatever is on my mind.

I enjoy receiving feedback and having new points of views to discuss so please like, share, and comment with your opinions.

Thanks for visiting.

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