New Hair, Who Dis?

Alright bros... listen up. I know we all agree that women are complicated and they talk too much but hear me out. If you pay attention to them they're very simple and easy to understand. They tell on themselves all of the time. Also, they don't even talk that much we just think they do... Continue Reading →

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Spotify Playlist: Vibes II: Tequila Sunset

Without further ado I give the much anticipated second installment in my well received Vibes™ playlist series. Like the first installment, Vibes: Melolagnia, it's exclusively available on Spotify. If you guys can pressure Apple into hooking me up with a free subscription I'd be more than happy to curate playlists on their platform as well.... Continue Reading →


The Sorting Hat Was Wrong

Just hear me out...   In the main cast Rowling showed us the depth of each house through a different character. I apologize for any fans of Godric's old musty hat but he was clearly losing his touch at the start of the series.   Harry represents a Slytherin. He has a selfish streak and... Continue Reading →

My Über driver was telling me about her gay son who is locked up in Dekalb County Jail. He has been there for two years and is in a cell block with other LGBTQ* inmates. She told me about how he was sexually assaulted and beat multiple times. When he wrote a grievance report the... Continue Reading →

“Becky” Is The New N*word

I'm in Facebook jail... again. That in itself isn't a big deal. Zuckerberg has put me in his little jail enough times for me to become indifferent to it, even kinda institutionalized. The first time it happened was the result of me reposting and creating memes ridiculing Pepsi's tone deaf ad featuring Kendall Jenner ending...... Continue Reading →

Darkskinned Black women have to have perfect bodies, shiny flawless skin, and be a literal goddess in general for y'all to give them half the praise average looking women of any lighter shade are given. Then they have to be overly grateful to be treated decently or they'll be called a, "bitch."

West Coast Women Can’t Cook

You gave her your mom's collard greens recipe but instead she using kale. She's gonna boil it in water with just a little garlic because salt is unhealthy. Oh you like chips? Fuck you they have salt i n those too. Bacon? Nah, fam. Granola and hiking is all the breakfast you need. She won't... Continue Reading →

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