My First Post And Probably Some Other Shit

Is this necessary? I feel obligated to write a “first post” but I’m not entirely sure if it’s important. I’m not going to say anything particularly profound and I’m kinda just… not even going to finish that sentence. I forgot what I was supposed to say. Y’all doing good? I’m doing good. Actually… I’m not, however, I’m doing so bad I’ve reach a pleasantly apathetic island of mental peace. Maybe a peninsula. Definitely a peninsula. I’m smiling and carefree but the smile is attached to an impending sense of existential dread. Welp, I guess that’s all…. Actually no wait! Look at this shit!

Pretty cool keyboard, right? Right. The entire pic is awesome. Don’t hate.

Let us discuss this amazing picture I took with my Galaxy J7 and 9 years of camera phone experience.

The Black Guitar – This guitar is acoustic. It allows people to admire how cool I look walking around while holding it. However, the illusion is broken when I’m requested to play it. I know like 2.48 chords on this shit, my fingers are fat, and I don’t have a third reason why, however, I was committed to writing one. It’s a black guitar like my heart. I’m a deep tortured soul is what I’m getting at here.

The Composition Book – Want me to write you a song, story, or poem about how you’ve changed my life and serve as an inspiration to me. I will. Buy me beer and some tacos. I’m a deep and hungry alcoholic is what I’m getting at here.

The Macbook – I’m equally fake broke and fake rich. I also make bad decisions.

The Decals – See like… this is the thing with those. The one on the left is the Triforce from The Legend of Zelda. I also have the three triangles tatted on my left wrist… like I do not know what permanent is (That’s a Drake reference. Keep Up). The decal to the right is the Deathly Hallow symbol from the greatest “fictional” story ever made. If I have to tell you the name of the series get the fuck off my blog.

Y’all know what’s crazy? I really was about to end this post like three paragraphs ago but life gets crazy right? Moving along…

The Starry Night Keyboard – That shit’s pretty dope right? You can find them here on Amazon. Let me tell why it’s not really that dope. (see how full of shit I am… switched my opinion for no reason) I’m not sure if the parentheses were necessary and I have a really erratic writing style. Back to the keyboard! I’m a decent typer (typist?) but I need to look at the keys pretty often. The Van Gogh painting isn’t very forgiving of the white letters so it makes it diffic… I just realized this is a non-issue. I’m complaining about nothing.

Post over.


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