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Okay… let’s be serious for ONE second. I see a lot of women calling men all types of things over this sex doll.

I posted an article titled “Mathematician Claims That Intimate Robots Could Make Men Obsolete” on my Facebook a couple of weeks ago and many claimed (mostly in jest) men were ALL cancelled? That makes perfect sense. What person who enjoys sex with people who have penises wouldn’t ride a vibrating dick with pneumatic thrusting power and variable settings. No limp dick followed by, “this doesn’t usually happen to me.” No bad breath or smelly balls. No deep throating someone just to get your outer labia licked in return. The positives are hilariously and sadly endless.

A couple of days ago my good friend Brittney of A Very Social Girl made a post on her Facebook page that may have been the polar opposite of mine. The responses from were vastly different albeit a little hard to compare because the people who were commenting were also different. The general focus was that men who buy this doll are creepy or perverted. The sex toy industry is vastly skewed towards the pleasure of women which I believe is in response to our patriarchal society reserving sexual pleasure, fulfillment, and discovery for men.Men don’t explore women’s bodies. We believe that jack hammer thrusting is the best, if not the only, way to please a woman. We refuse to use our fingers, toys, or engage in any act that doesn’t directly involve the stimulation of our penis. The sex toy industry caters to women because a woman achieving an orgasm is solely her responsibility.

If a man wants the sex doll for $2,100 leave him alone. Stop acting like that’s a lot of money. If he’s not taking women on dates then it’s a smart investment. He’ll get the money back by saving on food, gas, grooming, laundry, haircuts, and other things we spend money on to make women like us enough to open their legs. He doesn’t want your company, companionship, opinions, or anything else you have to offer.

Of COURSE he’s complaining about you not accepting hot boxing in the Wendy’s parking as a date.

Of COURSE you’re a gold digger for wanting a ring that cost more than his PlayStation.

He doesn’t LIKE you!

Most men don’t like women. We only like what you can do to make our lives more convenient. If you’re not fucking, cooking, or cleaning then you have to be pretty enough to impress our friends. Be strong enough to turn down advances from ALL men when they approach you but not so strong you ever reject us for any reason.We’ll go to the ends of the Earth for our male friends and maintain those relationships for decades by being honest and respecting each other’s quirks, pet peeves, personal space, and boundaries. We won’t do that with a woman who has done everything for us without several tests and games at every corner. We don’t even like vaginas! We want vaginas to smell and taste like everything other than an actual vagina.

You’re simply a means to get pussy. You’re a sexual object. A sex doll with opinions and standards he neither wants to hear nor meet.

Let that man be happy with his doll.

Disclaimer: If my inclusion wasn’t enough to make it obvious that I’m a man… I’m a man. There’s no reason to #NotAllMen this post or any post for that matter. Use that energy to check our brothers.

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