Hold Up… The Fuck Was Up With M’Baku and His Boys?

This the part where I set up the article but we ain’t here for all that. You should already what the fuck going on.

Aight, M’baku was a vegetarian and so was the rest of the White Gorilla Tribe. Why? Where? When? How? My niggas was out here wearing whole furs which I can only assume were gorilla furs. Why be a vegetarian then kill gorillas anyway? I get it was cold and maybe the gorillas tried you first so they had to know what was up. Also, I don’t think it’s safe to eat primate meat. That’s a tad close to cannibalism but like… okay… I mean…

Okay maybe it wasn’t a moral decision to not eat meat maybe it was for health reasons? But then they didn’t really have the bodies of people sustaining themselves on plant based protein. M’baku was thicc af. I guess *pause* on that last sentence for the homophobic crowd but if you’re a homophobe you’re also on the wrong blog and gonna have a bad time here. That wasn’t just hard body lean muscle that dude was strong and cuddly. I have the same body type and this body is made in the gym with a post workout plate of ribs and green smoothie because… balanced diet?

And THEN his boys found T’Challa while they were fucking fishing! NIG. GUH. WHAT? What the hell are they fishing for?!? I guess kelp, watercress, and algae is rich in-

I’m done. This article is finished.

Wait… I don’t want to assume anyone’s gender but was that a woman in the last scene? Why was there only one female in the tribe? What kinda kinky Smurfette shit is going on here?


2 thoughts on “Hold Up… The Fuck Was Up With M’Baku and His Boys?

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    1. Vegetarians consider the consumption of all animals off limits. You’re thinking of pescatarians, they don’t consider fish as meat so they’ll consume meat. I believe pescatarians mostly follow the diet for health reasons, as opposed to vegetarians whom, in some cases, have a moral reason to not eat animals. Although some pescatarians still incorrectly label themselves as vegetarians.

      If you’re interested I found this this blog that goes into the topic in great depth:


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