A Stack of Words

In 2012 I had a website/blog titled Milton Saint vs. The World. I ran it for two years and it gathered about 20,000 with 50+ articles. I busted my ass asking friends and family members to share it but they rarely did. So I went to several social media and blogs to promote it. It began to become decently popular and gather a following. I think there’s a handful of you on here from that time.

I removed it and explained to you guys that the Navy made me do it but it was actually my now ex-wife. She’s also a writer with a website but it wasn’t as humorous, engaging, or offensive which is stuff the internet loves. Don’t get me wrong, she’s the better writer, however, only for novels, not the rapid fire, meme generating, short attention span internet culture we have. Due to the lack of her popularity we had friction that I felt wasn’t necessary so I took the whole thing down. I never feel like the internet should bleed into real life or that one’s success diminishes their partner’s skill.

Sidebar: If someone is giving you relationship ending ultimatums just let them leave. That’s an abusive tactic that attacks your self worth. They’re just gonna keep giving you more ultimatums until you become their idea partner. You’ll become depressed and too insecure to function and they’ll leave you at some point anyway. The sooner that better.

I’ve enjoyed the freedom to say, write, and do whatever I want. I’ve gathered new experiences that make for some larger than life stories that I can NOT wait to share. I can do it all without it affecting any relationships or how in-laws my perceive me. I’m just my authentic, deeply flawed, down to earth, self.

I struggled with deciding if I should make a new website because I couldn’t get the number 20,000 out of my head. It took me TWO YEARS, FIFTY articles, and CONSTANT begging! The last site started with abysmal single digit numbers on my first few articles with the last few receiving hundreds. I could NOT start over. My pride wouldn’t let me. I was too focused on the mountain peak to begin hiking.

But I did.

I began A Stack of Words to get my thoughts out not really expecting much. I didn’t care if it failed or succeeded and that’s what’s so liberating. The colloquialisms, “believe in yourself,” and “you can do it” don’t motivate me. I don’t always believe in myself. What if I can’t do it? Well, fuck it, I’ll just see what happens. I encourage more people to say, “fuck it,” and just do whatever. You’re probably going to fail but who gives a shit? Nobody actually likes you anyway. Do you.

A Stack of Words is a play on the phrase, “a picture is worth a thousand words.” A Stack is one thousand dollars. I figured I use a thousand words to paint these pictures and earn a stack in the process.

I’ve only written maybe seven posts on the new site and I haven’t put any effort into building or promoting it. It’s deadass unfinished. I’ve only put real effort into two… maybe three of these articles. I haven’t asked a single friend or family member to read or share anything.

I now have 20,000 views. Three of the posts have over 6,000 views alone. I’m popular across ten countries South Korea, Brazil, and Indonesia being the most surprising ones. That’s all credit to you guys who barely even know me. I’ve learned friends and family may be to close to my paintings to see the art. They say your ideas won’t work, stop writing so much, get off Facebook, etc. Things that followers and strangers beg me to continue doing. You guys are able to take a step back and get the full view or the art. Thank you for all of the support.

And we haven’t even started.

3 Replies to “The Motivation of Not Giving A F*ck”

  1. Read your status about Nicki Minaj, opened the comments, saw the comment stating that you were 6’1 & 240lbs… Which obviously lead me to your profile to see your pictures… (Because I’m a creep lmao).. Before I could click on your picture I noticed that you referred to yourself as a broke ass artist & fake ass comedian then I thought… Oh this guy is funny let me see what kind of awesome post he made that nobody gave AF about until he went viral… I bet they were way more solid than the Nicki Minaj one, even though I completely agreed with that one… Found your “Yal check this link for me” post leading to this blog (Clever) & read a couple of your articles… I like

    Just figured it’d be cool for you to know exactly how you gained a new follower! Lol looking forward to reading more!

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  2. I’m glad you started over ! It’s great. Funny and quick to the point . I actually really can’t remember clearly how I found you on Facebook I’m just glad I did. You were a major self confidence booster and challenged my line of thinking . Before I knew it I started to look forward to seeing your posts on my timeline . Just wanted to say you’re an alright fella and I hope you continue to flourish!

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