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The Sorting Hat Was Wrong

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Just hear me out…
In the main cast Rowling showed us the depth of each house through a different character. I apologize for any fans of Godric’s old musty hat but he was clearly losing his touch at the start of the series.
Harry represents a Slytherin. He has a selfish streak and is very cunning with a strong sense of self preservation. He ran and hid to save himself and weighed out options on how to best protect his being before anyone else. His thoughts were largely self centered and disregarded the feelings of his close friends. In the Order of the Phoenix spent half of the book depressed and lashing out at his friends because he felt possessed by Voldemort while forgetting Voldemort controlled Ginny for almost an entire year! He sneaks around with that cloak thinking he’s above the rules. He takes Parvati Patil one of the most GORGEOUS girls in his year to the Yule Ball and ignores her the entire time.

What makes Harry a Gryffindor is that he ultimately chooses his loved ones over himself when he bravely walks into the Forbidden Forest to meet death face to face at the hands of Voldemort. This sacrifice is what the Order of the Phoenix, Dumbledore’s Army, and their allies an ancient magic protection against Voldemort’s curses.

Hermoine is a Ravenclaw. That shit should not be explained.

What makes Hermoine a Gyffindor is she also stands up for herself and her friends but only after being back into a corner or seeing someone else is absolutely defenseless. In the final book she shows the ability to think on her feet by casting a Stinging Spell on Harry so that the Snatchers won’t recognize him and  Note: If you’ve only seen the movies Hermoine was not originally written as that brave or reliable on her feet. She panicked and forgot a lot of the knowledge she had when in a threatening situation. At one point she forgot she was a witch.

Neville is a Hufflepuff his greatest quality (also best displayed in the books) was his loyalty to his friends. He wasn’t particularly brave, intelligent, or cunning but his allegiance never wavered and was above questioning. He was shown as the peacemaker in times where minor hormonal/adolescent tempers would tear the core group apart.

What makes Neville a Gryffindor is the moment when he stands up to Voldemort while being forced to wear the flaming sorting hat. He rips the hat off of his head in a moment of direct defiance against the greatest dark wizard and pulls our the sword of Gryffindor to server the head of Nagini.

Ronald Weasley is the true Gyffindor.  When Hermoine forgets she’s a witch it’s Ron who reminds her to use her magic. When Snape calls Hermoine a know-it-all Ron tells Snape to check his tone and not to ask questions if he doesn’t want an answer. He instinctively jumps in front of his friends to defend them every time danger is present. He’s the most willing of the three to drop his wand and start throwing punches. This is even more apparent in the last book when he leaves Harry and Hermoine alone in the woods. Harry and Hermoine overthink, hesitate, and second guess every single decision they make. They’ve lost their protector and a crucial aspect of their dynamic. Ron was the Sir Lancelot to Harry’s King Arthur and his absence increased the sense of terror and danger for the reader.

I understand why Rowling would make them all Gryffindors because if the characters were in the houses represented by their personalities then we would have missed out on a lot of the interactions in classes, the common room, and dormitories. I believe Rowling wanted to keep that aspect while still giving us a chance to dive into the depth of a student from each house.

Or I’m completely wrong… but I’m not.

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