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Without further ado I give the much anticipated second installment in my well received Vibes™ playlist series. Like the first installment, Vibes: Melolagnia, it’s exclusively available on Spotify. If you guys can pressure Apple into hooking me up with a free subscription I’d be more than happy to curate playlists on their platform as well.

For those of you who have been following me closely you may be aware that I’ve already released the second installment, however, it was a flop. I personally didn’t like it and was trying too hard to recreate the first one. I really appreciate all of my fans and followers for calling me out on my bullshit. I can only assume the lack of passion was apparent.

This new playlist features music by Sway Clarke II, Masego, SZA, Phantogram, Childish Gambino, GoldLink, Janelle Monáe, Jamie XX, ODESZA, Frank Ocean, Rihanna, LION BABE, Young Thug, and so many others. It’s been received far better that the original version and some nice daytime party music. I’ve been told by one follower that she plays it nonstop in her salon and another says it was a hit at her pool party.

Anyway here’s the link for the playlist: Vibes II: Tequila Sunset

Please leave a comment and/or send me a message with your personal feedback and as always feel free to send me suggestions for new music!


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