A Stack of Words

Which Of These Groups Must Got You Fucked Up? [Add Your Own]

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  • White gays proclaiming they have an inner Black woman.
  • Asians from California saying, “nigga.”
  • Middle aged white women demanding to speak to the manager over a minor inconvenience.
  • Dominicans informing you they aren’t Black.
  • A man diving to grab his phone when his girl picks it up.
  • A Jamaican with a vasectomy getting a woman on birth control pregnant while wearing a condom.
  • A white person enthusiastically using incorrect slang in the presence of Black people.
  • Your ex hitting you up when they’re upset with their new boo.
  • Nice guys™ claiming the ONLY reason women don’t like them is because they aren’t assholes.
  • Black people telling their white coworkers how stupid rap music is and their disdain for fried chicken.
  • You going back to drinking after that hangover that made you claim you were done forever.
  • Women jumping to conclusions.
  • Hoteps blaming women and queer Black men for all of their problems.
  • Vegans telling you they’re a vegan then calling you a murderer.
  • People from the Bronx or Brooklyn shouting out where they’re from.
  • A man calling a woman an “ugly bitch” after she politely rejects his advances.

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