A Stack of Words

Auralism is a sexual fetish defined as sexual arousal or excitement caused by sound, to be compared with voyeurism. This sound might be music, a voice, the actual sounds of sex itself, or other sounds, and may include enjoyment from listening to others having sex.

Auralism is a playlist series of all female artists. SECRETS features songs that are sensual in vibe with passionate vocals from women who are underrated, undiscovered, or newer to mainstream audiences. They’re some of my favorite songs that I’ve been indulging in for the past two years.

I haven’t listened to the radio in eight years and spend a lot of time finding music. My goal is to introduce you guys to more music that isn’t available on the radio and present it in a playlist with a cohesive vibe.

Playlist features songs by St. Beauty, QUIÑ, Kaiit, Willow Smith, Raveena, Nao, Sudan Archives, Syd, OSHUN, and more.


Cover model: Liz Chan

Listen to and follow Auralism | SECRETS  Auralism | SECRETS here.

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