A Stack of Words

I’m sitting here painting several pieces and appreciating my ability to transfer my vision onto canvas. It’s making me think about women who wear full make-up. A woman who can contour, highlight, and blend her features to create her personal vision of beauty is the zenith of sexiness and artistry.

The whole idea of “take her swimming on the first date” or “you don’t want to wake up next to troll” is ridiculous. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with skin discoloration, acne scars, or dark circles under her eyes. She’s a human. Those are evidence that she’s lived and survived through life and should be admired because of it. Skin is a canvas that collects scars, bruises, and other marks that make it interesting and tells a story. It’s breathtaking how a person can take time, effort, skill, and have an incredible attention to detail to create their own narrative for various occasions or to simply gain control of an insecurity that society has forced on her. 

When she gets up, applies foundation, blush, eye shadow, eyelashes, and knows how to make it all work together I melt at the artistry. If there’s winged eyeliner involved I’m completely enthralled by that level of skill and precision. The steady hand and eye for symmetry is an act of divinity and will floor me every time.

That’s all. I’m going to get back to painting now.

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