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Update: How Old Were You When A Man First Showed Sexually Interest In You?

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TW: sexual assault; rape mentions

These are roughly 15% of the results from my viral post on my Facebook page Milverton Saint. I’ve gone through hundreds of comments on my post and dozens of inbox messages and comments from the shared post. There’s thousands of stories in total.

So far the results are as follow:

•46% of the women were sexually assaulted or molested.
•92% of 3-5 year olds were molested.
•All infants were raped by family members (including biological fathers), close family friends, or men the mom was dating.
•16% of women who were 5 years old and younger when they were first molested were repeated victims by the same person throughout their childhood.
•There’s a tread of men asking if the girls had their period yet in the 10-12 age range.
•Also a trend of the 9 years old and younger group being told it was normal and they would get in trouble for telling.
•Another trend is the younger the encounter the more likely the girl was taught that if a man wants to have sex with you it’s safer to just let them. Leading to them never saying, “no” to men until late teens or early adulthood.

I’m only about 25% (second page of tallies not pictured) finished with the results. I still have several thousands of stories to go through.

The presence of a protective father figure seems to have been a deterrent for potential predators. Comments about the daughter’s body usually resulted in a dad threatening someone’s life or severely beating them.
I have very little stories of the law providing protection.

The final results, names of the men who were attacking the women on post, and a few anonymous stories will be on my personal website because I didn’t know Facebook went this hard to protect rapists and pedophiles. I never denied rape culture but I didn’t know it was this bad. I’m starting to think every woman I’ve ever met has been assaulted or harassed in some way.

Note: This is for men to see. We allowed this to happen.

I’ll continue to update my progress.

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