A Stack of Words

I create beautiful paintings using a blend of colors to make each one pop. I hear sounds as colors. I like to juxtaposition between light and dark colors in order to create a strong contrast of emotions. My usual attire includes neutral colors, combat boots, leather jackets, old ripped jeans, and beanies. My resting face is a slight smirk.

If music was my love language that would be it. I create playlists for my closest friends and sponsored playlists for Spotify. After knowing someone for a while I can introduce them to new music from any genre based on their personality. I have a perfect song for every occasion and mood. I see colors as sounds. My voice is deep, calm, and contains hints of sarcasm.

I’m a skilled and diverse chef. I’ve traveled to over 20 countries and have prepared a dish with a local each time. I think that’s my retirement plan. After knowing someone for a while I what to cook for them based on their personality. I like things that are savory and dislike sweet flavors.

My touch is firm and gentle. I’m a cuddler and only touch the people I feel comfortable with. I’m one of those people who gives strong bear hugs. I can tell how and where someone wants to be touch from subtle cues. Or if they don’t want to be touched at all. Touch is my love language.

I have been told I usually smell like peppermints, sandalwood, and leather. My favorite scents are clean laundry, motor oil, and fresh baked cookies.

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