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Breaking: Paris Jackson Is White As Hell And Y’all Niggas Need To Quit It

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Why. Do. I. Need. To. Say. This???

Paris Michael K. Jackson recently said she considers herself a Black woman. My reaction was laughter because I’ve never heard a Black person say they consider themselves Black. Consider is when you think carefully about something before making a decision. Are you niggas considering that you might be Black? I’ve never considered it in my life. I had NO clue we had an option. This would’ve solved slavery if we could’ve just told Massa we don’t consider ourselves Black. I’ve typed “consider” so much I’m considering the chance that it might be a white word. Yes. I’m racializing words because we’re being ridiculous now. Say consider out loud. Did you do it? Say it slowly. Con·sid·er. Doesn’t that word sound like the taste and texture of plain Greek yogurt? Considering is a white privilege. Don’t argue.

Point Number Two

Bruh. Are those even Michael’s kids? Michael has STRONG Black features. How did she inherit the most recessive genes in human history from that man? One of my Facebook followers suggested he used selective genetics to give his children the features he wanted them to have. So… he created genetically mutated white people? That’s not a new theory. Was his middle name Yakub or something? Why would that even-

Alright, So Anyway.

Race is a social construct. It’s not genetic and there is no real science behind it. It was created based on physical appearance and that’s how it’s currently and will always be upheld. If you appear to be a white person society deems you white and will treat you as such. Being white comes with privilege but being Black doesn’t. Blackness just gives you some cool edgy points. Therefore white people will use Blackness to seem hip or like they’re “down” and Black people will readily accept it. On the other hand white people never go to bat to claim any dark-skinned person with nappy 4c hair and a wide nose on the strength of them having one white parent. Danai Gurira and Lupita Nyong’o could be 64% Caucasian and white people won’t give a singular fuck because they look Black. Whiteness is a member’s only club while Blackness is a community outreach that begs people to drop by and wave occasionally. 

There’s no proof these aren’t white women.

It’s Hard For Me To Write This Article Because I Can’t Take This Seriously

I understand she’s Michael’s child and he loved her but I’m not going to give her a pass because of her dad’s influence and accomplishments. That’s the whitest reason to ever let shit slide so I don’t even want to hear the self-defeating ass logic. She hasn’t done anything that I know of for Black people to go this hard for her. She even dated a white dude with a confederate tattoo who casually dropped the n-bomb.

I Don’t See Color?

Maybe I’m tripping and one drop is enough to “consider” yourself Black. There is that one white guy who sued for minority business owner status when he found out he was 4% African. So yeah we should just take away all programs that benefit Blacks and other People of Color and give them out to anyone who has…

I Can’t Finish That Sentence

I’m done here but y’all can continue to fight for this white woman’s right to be dismissed, disrespected, and considered the bottom of society along with other Black women. I’m sure she genuinely feels that struggle. Y’all niggas weird.

32 Replies to “Breaking: Paris Jackson Is White As Hell And Y’all Niggas Need To Quit It”

  1. This sounds so stupid her DNA came from a black man right just because she’s white doesn’t mean she isn’t black dumbass genes an DNA proves she’s black stfu


  2. OMG!!! You’re the one person who has possession of her DNA results! I can’t believe you read my blog! This is such an honor!! Why won’t you guys release them to the public? They can sell for a fortune! How did you get her to provide a sample!? Are you a close friend of the family?! This is so awesome!

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  3. Lol these comments are wild but I literally said the other day those. aren’t. Michael’s. biological. Kids. Y’all forgot before the bleach and the plastic surgery Michael was black as hell. Big nose, full lips, etc and you mean to tell me NONE of them inherited any of those features or even a drop of melanin. FOH. Lmao

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  4. Milverton Saint this article is singing cereal jingles to my very sarcastic humming. I’m like a 3yr old on their fist sugar high and you’re tossing out gems or sweet rational goodness. Yum yum yum. 🍭
    The writing is conversational and I was sitting here talking to my screen. The snark is as real as the logical common sense behind it. And your responses to the comments made me sigh with relief that your passive aggressive energy did not fail.
    You are my hero of the week.
    Hope we can co-write sometime.

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  5. I’ll guessing people forgot how Mike really looked before all the bullshit he did to his face. He had a big ass nose, brown fucking skin and a big ass afro. That’s all nigga features. And Paris don’t have that. She looks that the white guy who said that Mike used his sperm to get the white lady pregnant.

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  6. I want to know how random people who don’t know him or his family in any way personally can say those aren’t his kids with such confidence. Where is your evidence?


  7. I’m sorry. I don’t have any evidence she isn’t his child because like all of us I don’t know them personally. Well, all of us except for you. So when he was fucking Debbie Rowe did they let you join or did you just watch? Is she a squirter?

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  8. Didn’t everyone already deduce that those kids were not his after they were born? You can easily see that those are not bi-racial children. C’mon now.

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  9. People act like she can’t relax her hair, get a nose job and bleach her skin. Michael did the exact. same. thing. Yes I’ll agree lighter skinned black people do have a certain privilege darker black people don’t have but they’re still black


  10. I find it interesting that his child doesn’t have his features.
    That could possibly mean one of two things, one, she actually is not biologically his…. Or that he indeed did have some sort of gene selection therapy done in lab right at test tube conception.
    Of course, this is rather far fetched and highly illegal in the USA, But in other countries already done and quite costly: Which MJ had money, so it’s a realistic possibly. The man did seem to have an unnatural obsession with changing his complexion. I don’t know why…. I think brown skin is lovely.
    The problem with humans is never being happy with what we have.


  11. She’s not black and she’s not michaels biological child what is wrong with people lmaaaoooo . hER dNa cOMes frOm a BlAcK mAn. bitch WHERE? this post was everything !

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  12. Oh and another thing, Michael Jackson was a self-hating black man who definitely didnt want to risk his children coming out possibly looking like a black child. He used somebody else sperm for those kids. Only dumb ass, die hard fans would think those are his biological kids, but not I ! – u mad?

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  13. I love this article! Let the truth be told this women does not have a drop of Black blood in her it’s blatantly obvious!! Melanin is dominant and would over power so called white power gene that’s genetically weaker. I loved the way you broken down the “consider “ part & hell no I never considered myself Black I AM , Bye Paris
    Keep writing & keep up the Great Work !!

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  14. From one blogger to the next, I am absolutely here for this article. . . And the clap backs. Keep em’ coming!


  15. This article is everything… Thank you you addressing the obvious Captain Obvious


  16. Michael Jackson confirmed he used a sperm donor which was his long time friend who recently passed away. I believe he was like his lawyer. His wife at the time and the friend are both white. The children were raised by him, and they have his name on their birth certificates.
    Just because you are raised in a home doesn’t mean you assume the race. You may assume the culture, but genetics are genetics. That’s like seeing all these African and Asian kids being adopted by Caucasian families saying they are white. They may have been raised in the culture of their adoptive home and picked up their religious practices, customs, and social norms, however, their genes dictated their race brought down by their biological parents.
    I’m just sad because these children lost both their fathers, biological and adoptive have passed away, and they never got the real chance to enjoy a life with either of them. I’m grateful they do have a family who accepts them and takes care of them, although they aren’t genetically their family. They made sure they stayed together, when their mother could have came and claimed her children breaking up the three. The Jackson family knew how much Michael loved these kids, and they are working hard to make them feel loved as much as their father would have.


  17. First let me say, by no means do I believe that Paris is any way Michael Jacksons biological child.
    I do however want to comment on DEZ comment about Melanin.
    I am an African, Irish, Cherokee, Blackfoot and Cheyenne Indian.
    I have 7 children with a cacausion father, he’s Italian. They range from litght milk chocolate, my oldest, to the palest of pale, my youngest. None have broad noses, none have full, what you would consider black lips, my youngest barely has lips at all. My youngest, who is at the moment is 6, has no outstanding black features, unless you consider her wavy hair, not curly, large waves, and a rounded tush.
    My cousin, unless she told you or you saw her family pictures, you would never know she was black. Her father, my uncle, for those of you that remember ,looked very much the the star of AMan Called Hawk.
    All of that to say.
    Not ALL melanin shines through the white.


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