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Auralism | A Compilation Of Music By Underappreciated Femme Artists

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Due to the overwhelmingly positive response to SECRETS I’ve completed the artwork for the next four playlists in my Auralism series.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with the concept; Auralism is my compilation of exclusively female or non-men artists. I got the idea from seeing debates on my timeline about there not being enough women in the mainstream industry and when there is a woman she has to fit a specific type.

I’ve included dozens of dope artists from all genres and each playlist is at least two hours of music. The artists include women who are queer, fat, trans, dark-skinned, and extremely talented but ignored by mainstream outlets. I haven’t listened to the radio in eight years so these are artists who I’ve organically found and begun loving over that course of time.



FORBIDDEN is a solely rap/hip-hop playlist with some artists from the 90’s and most from now. It includes lyrical rap, trap, and melodic soulful hip hop. The idea behind this playlist was to begin it with pregame twerk music then transition to full-blown girl’s night out music before ending on relaxing contemplative vibes.

This one took me the longest to complete because I wasn’t familiar with enough female rappers but I discovered some that I fell in love with.

Includes artists Quay Dash, Janelle Monae, Leikeli47, Maliibu Miitch, Foxy Brown, BbyMutha, and many others.


STARLIGHT features dance music, house music, and an upbeat party vibe. Kelis, Phantogram, Rihanna, and Ellie Goulding make appearances to set a vibrant tone. I’ve paired each song to flow smoothly into the next so there are no breaks in the tempo and minimal transitions. This was the quickest playlist for me because I was able to organically chose the next song as I listened along. Because that it may be my most played.


PARADISE begins with Don’t Touch My Hair by Solange Knowles, her low octaves and falsetto melodies along with Sampha’s understated harmonies create a relaxing mood that’s perfect for unwinding after a busy work day or hectic weekend. The other songs are heavy on instrumentation with triumphant horns and mesmerizing pianos interpolate throughout the occasion. This is the jazz, soul, and lo-fi playlist with occasional tribal drums to grab your attention as you unwind.

Erykah Badu, June Marieezy, Hiatus Kaiyote, Willow Smith, Yazmin Lacey, Sudan Archives, and Joyce Wrice are just a few select artists who round out the two hours of leisure.


TEMPTATION opens with Rocket by Beyoncé and closes with Any Time, Any Place by Janet Jackson. Between the powerful opening and rewarding climax, are selections by Ari Lennox, Raveena, Floetry, and Syd that carries the sensual tone peppered with sultry highs while exploring themes of love and lust. This playlist is the purest R&B sounds of the collection so far.

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